Paesaggi Mentali


Mental Landscapes / Natural Trajectories reflects on the concept of an ideal landscape today, both from the natural point of view and from that of intercultural interaction, with the intent of considering and observing the landscape as memory - how it can be transported and shared by people rather than acting as a boundary of separation. At the Geological Museum G.G. Gemmellaro, the nine artists discover and identify the traces and signs of the natural and artificial landscape, in order to take part and to build.

To put this reflection in conversation with the Sicilian context, object of this exhibition are three internationally renowned artists, active since the ‘60s, and three mid-career artists of Sicilian origins, who no longer live on the Mediterranean island. Three internationally renowned artists are Maurizio Nannucci, Marinus Boezem and Antoni Muntadas, they, started working in the 1960s, offering minimal interventions in space, yet capable of impressing and empathically involving the user, the other artists of Sicilian origin, living and working abroad - Salvatore Arancio, Domenico Mangano & Marike von Rooy and Paolo Parisi - who insist on the theme of the journey both from the mental and physical point of view.

A special project for the communication of the event entrusted to a Sicilian artist active in Sicily, Stefania Galegati Shines, and an important photographer, active since the 70’s, Gianni Melotti. In occasion of finissage will be a special project of David Medalla too.